Never Boring Nutrition with Sweet Cheeks HQ

Nutrition is the foundation for which all fitness and sport is built upon. You’ve heard this here before. I promise you, eating well is a gateway to a life you’ve never imagined. You will feel and perform better than you ever thought possible and you might even look the part of a California postcard model, too.

One ‘Cheek’ and Coach Danny

As you begin to expand your knowledge of nutrition and performance with us, I challenge you to avoid a common fatal pitfall in your journey into optimal eating habits. Don’t make concessions in your food experience to eat clean!

All too often, folks attribute “eating right” with boring, bland foods. Taste isn’t a priority. Fun goes out the window. And, the enjoyment factor takes a back seat. Putting quality nutrition habits with such a connotation is a receipe for disaster. The same way FFOTB is in search of a repeatable lifestyle of fitness, your diet should be a repeatable lifestyle of quality nutrition. Boring, tasteless food won’t cut it for the long run. Period.

If you ever start down a road of pessimism with regards to healthy eating, stop those thoughts in their tracks with a trip to our friends at Sweet Cheeks HQ. The Sweet Cheeks, Shirley Brown and Alyssa Dazet, are two functionally fit ladies with a passion for quality cooking and clean eating. Shirley is a fitness coach and Alyssa is an acupuncturist, and believe me these two are rocks stars that can relate to the FFOTB lifestyle. Embrace them.

Performance nutrition doesn’t have to be a compromise, so don’t turn it into one. Be creative and have pride in your food. Get your food right and the sky is the limit.


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:


100m Farmer’s Carry (53/26)

20 Med Ball Cleans

200m Run

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