Living with Fitness

Part of what makes us unique is that our entire foundation is built around living within health and wellness. FFOTB isn’t medicine for bad eating habits. Drop-in classes aren’t made to counter balance weekend benders. And, our workouts aren’t made to build up a fitness bank to be debited (justified) with treats.

We do this because we live it.

FFOTB's Annual No Man's Land Bowling Night

We don’t necessarily live to exercise, but one would understand that a lifestyle of wellness would also include quality training. A perfect example of this is evident in two of our students this weekend. Niki Marek and Rose Roman are both running the Ragnar Relay Series this weekend. It’s a 200 mile race from Huntington Beach to San Diego in which teams divvy up moderate legs of the race amongst each other. Each team has a van to accommodate runners that are “off duty” and the entire event is a unique endurance event that also doubles as a weekend long party.

Marek and Rose signed up for the event on their own. They are on different teams and they learned of the coincidence later. In a similar light, Nikki Pounds will be running her second 4th of July 5K in the Palisades.

None of these students are “in-it-to-win-it running enthusiasts” who supplement their running preparations with FFOTB. They simply signed up to utilize their fitness in a fun way. They are living and breathing a life of health and wellness, and it’s beautiful to see.

Running not your thing? Me either! This isn’t about signing up for marathons, folks. It’s about living an active lifestyle and using your fitness.

Join Matt Bernardin for a game in his basketball league. Gianni Diaz is recruiting folks for a weekly dodgeball league, as well. Heck if you’re up for it, maybe you can try to scale a mountain on your bike with Michael Berman.

There’s a million ways to walk the walk in this lifestyle. There’s such a rich experience out there, especially with your newly honed fitness. Get out there and enjoy it!


Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

Run as far as possible in 16 min.
**Every minute on the minute perform 3 burpees and 6 squats

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