110 Lincoln Blvd: Just Us

The steel grinding against the chain as the garage door is wheeled up would be the first notable sound of the morning. It wouldn’t be nearly as early as regular class; maybe 9AM. It would be one of maybe forty finals days of existence for DEUCE Gym. A handful of coaches, including myself, would probably

Thank You for a Dream Life

**DEUCE will be closed from 1PM to Monday November 30th** People often see the life of a coach from a distance and assume it’s a smooth sailing, easy life. Well, you know what? It is. You all allow us coaches to come to work excited. You gift us with inspiration in a million different shades.

Put Subway Out of Business

I want to be better. I want you to be better. What if every conversation and interaction began with this assumption? I want our Presidential candidates to be better. Electing a US president isn’t at all like a football game between rivals. Grow up. I want the news to be better journalism, and for viewers

DEUCE Holiday Schedule

It’s a wonderful time to be a DEUCE athlete. Unique holiday scheduling starts this week in observance of Thanksgiving. Here’s a preview of what’s to expect: Wednesday November 25th – OPEN (Last Class is Noon Class) Thursday November 26th – CLOSED (Thanksgiving) Friday November 27th – CLOSED  Saturday November 28th – CLOSED Coming in December

A Simple Strategy to Gym Success

Let’s be frank. Most fitness success and failure hinges on compliance. If you show up and contribute an effort consistently and indefinitely, you’d be hard pressed to find anything but remarkable results to show for it. It’s that simple. As a coach, we see beautiful life changing stories play out in front of us on