Fall Strength Challenge – Chapter 4

How are you doing? Do you feel the progress? Have you been getting assistance work in before and after class? Do you have a plan in place? We have four weeks left. Has anything in your training changed since day one? The great thing about strength training is, if you spend time putting in the

Fitness is Not a Matter of Preference

If this was about preferences, I’d be more understanding. It isn’t. Your capacity to move, bend, throw, push, pull, and jump is exactly that.. it’s your capacity to navigate the world. We aren’t talking about preferences. Some people like the color blue, while others enjoy reddish things more. Liking or disliking fitness is neither here

Specialty Course: Movement & Mobility

The specifically focused specialty courses we offer at DEUCE Gym provide the perfect compliment to the general natural of the GPP program. In that way, we’re excited to announce a new specialty course that has recovery, movement patterns, and increasing functional rang of motion in mind.  Led by DEUCE Gym’s own, Heather Wielgos, who is a massage

Pick [Him] Up

One of my favorite elements that I miss from baseball is the thorough list of unwritten rules. You’d be surprised at how many  unofficial rules of the game are deeply engrained in players. In fact, I’d argue that some unwritten rules are more passionately recognized than formal rules. For example, did you know that there

Crush Cancer 2015

Every year our friends at Dogtown CrossFit raise money to tackle cancer. The event, Crush Cancer, is an annual tradition that includes a fundraising effort and a grueling workout. This year Crush Cancer will take place Saturday October 10th in Cuvler City, Calif. Anyone can donate to the DEUCE Gym fundraising team. Participants in the Crush