Pride Isn’t a Bad Word

By the time you’re reading this sentence, I want you to understand that I’ve written and erased the start to this blog a dozen times. Much of the time spent strategizing this message has been deciding how much profanity I’m going to allow myself. It’s not the first time I’ve written about pride. It’s not even

Stickers that Hold the Standard

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Until this point, DEUCE Gym stickers have been at odds with water, the weather, and general wear and tear. If you’ve been victim of previous stickers that didn’t hold the standard, we have and upgrade for you. Vinyl DEUCE stickers are in and ready to hold strong on the backs of cars and trucks everywhere.

Rewrite Your Future

The first thing we ask prospective students during their FREE “Intro Session” is what things about their health and fitness that they don’t like or that needs improvement. The second question is to name the things or habits that seem to get in their way of improving. Lastly, we ask these students to paint a picture of


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How do you think about your life? Timewise, I mean. Do you think by the hour, by the day, by the week, by the month, maybe by the year, or is there a rhythmic cycle that you follow? We all have different ways to get things done, and some may be effective and some may

A Hunch at the Entire Point of Everything

In talking with a student coach this week, we both came to the conclusion that I haven’t really figured much of anything out. I wouldn’t forfeit one idea, though. Of course, I haven’t fleshed out this theory, but I figure there are enough people much more intelligent and accomplished than I that agree that I