Stagnation Allergies

In Chinese medicine, they often connect that stagnation to the root of pain in the body. As human beings, we tend to universally dislike being “stuck” whether it’s a literal or a figurative descriptor. In that way, movement, like our blood, is essential to life. I’ve shared this quote with you all before, but it

Powerlifting Seminar This Weekend!

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**There will be no Skills and Drills Saturday** We’ve been talking about this for weeks and weeks and it’s finally here. This Saturday and Sunday we will be host Shane and Laura Phelps Sweatt for an educational opportunity unlike anything you’ve seen before. Leading the charge with the system used at WESTSIDE Barbell, Shane and

This is Not Vietnam

I see you. I see you making this all complicated. You’ve got meetings and responsibilities, and this is tough after all, right? I guess if we agree from the start that certain things like love, war, diet and exercise are all hard then we can just mutually agree that we’re going to buckle down and

HUGE small things

It’s always the small things. I feel like we all get caught up in trying to make the big change, and forget what actually makes the big change. It’s all of the small things together that add up to the big change. Some small things are the big things and we don’t even know. This


Whole Life Challengers, you can earn your lifestyle points this week by writing three separate positive things in your reflection each day. These things can be “things you’re grateful for, things you appreciate, or just things that you notice.” Each week a meaningful sponsor will help us make for a rich challenge experience. This lifestyle