Do. Not. Accept. Anything. Less.

Sure, this place is fun. It’s personable, loose, and light hearted. Under all of that, however, we couldn’t be more serious. This is our passion. You and this community are our greatest concern. It’s what we fall asleep thinking about and waking up thinking about. Keeping that in mind, there’s nothing I’ve shared with you

FFOTB Visits The WODcast Podcast

Ever since we started this fake gym project, there have been a few distinct moments that made Danny and I step back and say, “Wow.” These we-have-arrived type instances include little things like an FFOTB t-shirt showing up on Joe Rogan’s website, cracking 60,000 views on the site, D Patt losing 100lbs, Jacob leaving asthma

Can a Stock Trader’s Approach Affect Your Fitness?

If you were investing in the stock market would you concern yourself more with the current price of any given stock or the trending trajectory of the stock? By and large, the critical component in choosing a stock is the expectation that the price will change for the better. Your concern then is not where

Raising the Pirate Flag

One of my favorite bits of Apple history is the infamous hoisting of a pirate flag over their company headquarters nearly 30 years ago. The story goes that in the early days of Macintosh, Steve Jobs and his team of rebel ex-Microsoft employees took a rather radical approach to business and it was symbolized with

Move Naturally

Is part of what excites you about Functional Fitness on the Bluffs the idea of training in nature? We are so lucky to have a unique atmosphere in our (fake) gym. At FFOTB, we actually embrace our odd surroundings more than just on a superficial, that’s-a-nice-view kind of level. Given that we are training functional