new year

DEUCE’s Special Holiday Schedule

We have a unique schedule during the holiday season. It’s a time for rejuvenation, reflection, and an intentional transition into the New Year. With that said, we have some special

New Year, Same You!

“New Year, New You” is a great tagline, but it leaves out a very important part of the process. It leaves out the journey, it leaves out the struggle, and

Reflect and Return (to the Process)

Much of what makes significant pursuits successful, whether they are athletic, musical, literarily, or otherwise, is a heavy commitment to process. Despite magnificent results, it’s almost as though the accolades and fanfare

We’re BACK!

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. I think we ought to take action when action needs taking. There isn’t really a Get Shit Done holiday, because people that make

Race Day: Workout + Half K Run

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It’s here! Join us for our first annual 1/2K Run event. The race will be preceded by a training session, if you so choose, at noon. Participants are encouraged to