A Letter to Myself

Dear Newbie Logan, I’m sure it’s a bit weird to hear from your future self, but hear me out. You’re reading this because you’ve recently taken on training CrossFit full time for the first time. Now, I understand that you’re less than 3 months out from a career as a professional athlete and you think

Living the Standard

This is a school.  It is a place of learning. It’s place to make mistakes, as well.  Of course, by nature, humans do not like to make mistakes, but with these mistakes comes coaching.  Coaching comes in many different forms. At FFOTB, it may just be a hug, it may be “get your depth in

Wear Your Pride

Ladies and gentleman of “The Nation,” clear your closets. A whole new slew of FFOTB swag is in the works. So, if you want  to represent your gym in style check out these new designs:     If you’re interested in owning one of these gems, send an email to info@FFOTB.com with the quantity, sizes,

6th Gear

Our bodies, in many ways, function just like a car. Whether your body is a Ferrari or a Buick LaSabre, you have gears. It makes sense, too. Our cadence on foot, for example, has degrees from walking, to a jog, to a run, and even a sprint. Furthermore, there’s a time and place for each

The Fitness Industry is Dead

Any argument that the fitness industry is dead or even ailing would immediately get shot down in any informed public debate. In my opinion, it’s dead as a doornail. The financial statistics say otherwise, however. The fitness business is a billion dollar industry. The number of commercial products bought and sold has grown exponentially over