A Savvy Loser

“It pays to be a winner,” right? I mean, I’m not sure anyone would willingly choose defeat over victory, but maybe there is some real value in getting beat. Winning feels incredible and it’s often the goal. What then, if anything, is in it for us when we lose? I’ll never forget how things played

FFOTB Event: Fourth of July 5K

One year ago, Nikki Pounds did the impossible when she ran her first ever 5K. She ran the 34th Annual 4th of July 5K in the┬áPacific Palisades. Not only was this her first 5K event, but it was the first time she ran five kilometers…in a row… ever. Known for her strong feelings (/hate) towards

A Question

I may not even know you, but if you told me you wanted something, I’d believe you could have it. No matter what the details were, if you shared a goal with me, nothing in my mind would discount it. Even if you didn’t truly believe it possible, if I heard you think out loud

The Front Squat: A Starring Role

Wednesday’s (and Saturday’s) as you may well know are programmed with specific emphasis on our Dynamic Duo Partner Challenge. Given that the challenge workout is a complex of shuttle runs and front squats, the front squat is taking a starring role in these challenge prep days. The front squat is an uber-functional movement that screams

Never Boring Nutrition with Sweet Cheeks HQ

Nutrition is the foundation for which all fitness and sport is built upon. You’ve heard this here before. I promise you, eating well is a gateway to a life you’ve never imagined. You will feel and perform better than you ever thought possible and you might even look the part of a California postcard model,