110% Right, Coach?

There’s a weird phenomenon that happens in communities like ours. In the beginning, folks often come in with the hope of simply surviving the workout. Once they make this a habit, however, people often realize that everyone is quite capable of not only surviving, but doing well in these training sessions. Then, something changes… An

Failure and Success 2.0

Thought experiment time! Let’s say you want something. Pick anything. Maybe you want to be a rock star, you want to lose 20 pounds, or you want a new jeep. Hell, maybe you just want an ice cream cone.. The experiment beings with a question. How many times are you willing to hear “No” to

Strength and Beauty

Body image is a touchy subject in the fitness world. Especially for women, the fear of “bulking up” stands between many girls and taking on training that can raise their game with regards to health and wellness. The negative connotations associated with weightlifting and comprehensive training are far too ingrained to be broken with just

Teams and High Performance Groups

High performance groups. Sports do it best, don’t they? A group of people get together and their individual successes and aims contribute to a singular goal for the group. It has set the stage for countless unforgettable moments, and the same ingredients will produce much of the same in the future. FFOTB is a group

FFOTB Bring a Friend Week Ruled Meaningless

A few months back, FFOTB had a week long community event called Bring a Friend Week. It was a fun filled week of large-group-friendly programming and it supported the idea of sharing your favorite fitness secret (FFOTB) with your friends, coworkers, and family. Classes were free for new folks to the program, and folks were