8/4/15 - We Went Viral and I Can’t Stand It

Hundreds and hundreds of people read this blog everyday. That’s something that never seizes to amaze me. However, two days ago thousands read the blog. What was the cause of the sudden spike in traffic? Well, I tried to choose a cheesy title that you’d see on a fitness magazine (that I’d hate). That’s what happened.

“Losing Your Belly Fat Outside the Gym” saw thousands of visitors and though I think it was a great article and will help a lot of people, I hate that it’s belly fat that gets this kind of engagement. Oddly, I feel like the folks that are simply looking to lose belly fat are the furthest from achieving it simply based on approach and principle.

Is it any wonder that the people that are busy doing the work, searching relentlessly (in the same way that water flows) for ways to be better, and are immersed in the process are both achieving such results and enjoying an experience miles deeper than the surface levels of magazine covers.

Get emerged in this, people. In the least corny way possible I want to tell everyone to, “Be. About. This.” Don’t just ask what to do, find out why you should do it and be accountable to your outcomes. Think critically, make mistakes, fix those mistakes, and think critically again.

I want to shake people. There is no chance to achieve something remarkable without participating in the nitty gritty details of that thing. Zero. In that way, if ‘Losing Belly Fat Outside the Gym’ is the kind of thing that gets your clicks, count on two things:

1. You’ll probably never get there, and

2. You aren’t self-aware enough to understand why, either.

Take responsibility for yourself. This blog sure as hell won’t.


Logan Gelbrich




8/4/15 WOD

Spend 15 min on tire flip..

Then, In 5 minutes, complete the following for max reps:
15 Back Squats (185/130)
Max Power Clean and Jerks