5/15/15 - DEUCE Gym Presents: Memorial Day “Murph”

Before he was killed in a covert military operation, his training was ruthless. It was ruthless out of necessity. Physical capacity is quite important when you’re a leader in the SEAL Teams, after all. One of his favorite workouts was one he made up. Here’s it is:

“Body Armor”

Run 1 Mile

100 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Squats

Run 1 Mile

He called it ‘Body Armor” because he believed that doing it would protect him from harm in battle. In fact, he’d do the entire thing wearing his armored combat vest. This training was often just another day for him, maybe a Tuesday. No one watched. There really wasn’t much to see or much to talk about. murph ladies

This is Michael Murphy’s workout. We now call it “Murph.”

Join us Memorial Day for this special day. Monday May 25th we invite you to do “Murph” in the sun with us at noon. This workout stokes fear in everyone, so don’t worry about being able to do it. We will offer numerous scaling options and the ability to do it in teams.

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Logan Gelbrich


5/15/15 WOD

200m Run
5 Sandbag Clean & Presses (AHAP)