3/10/15 - Conviction for Performance

When Coach Shane Sweatt described the importance of conviction in his seminar several weeks ago it clicked. You see, sometimes people go about things lacking certainty. Considering we’re often seeking greatness in what we do, this is a problem. They get married when they aren’t completely on board with it, they start a training program unsure why it would work, or they try to start a business with some (but not all) belief in its potential.

In each of these cases, it’s possible to come out on the other end in one piece. It isn’t possible, however, to have a remarkable marriage, training experience, or business without conviction.

In Shane’s talk he gave a great example. He told the audience, “If you’ve trained to break the world record in the marathon at the Olympics and as you stood at the starting line, anxious amongst your competitors, the organizers said, ‘Well, we haven’t yet measured the course, but we’re pretty sure it’s the right length. We’ll measure it at the end and if it’s long enough, today’s records will count…’ you have no chance of breaking a new world record on that day. You couldn’t run with certainty in your effort. No matter how hard you tried to fake it, the uncertainty would bleed into your performance.” Especially when considering the upper fringes of human performance, extraordinary success is not possible in anything without ultimate conviction whether the training or the effort is optimal or not.

Get your mind wrapped around the idea that whatever it is that you’re doing (entrepreneurship, training at DEUCE Gym, or dating someone), that it’s the single greatest idea on the planet or suffer the mediocre consequences.


Logan Gelbrich


3/10/15 WOD

Thrusters (165/115)



Then, immediately following, complete 5 Rounds:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats