Most Won’t Try

The “competition” is fierce, isn’t it? Pick a lane and it seems crowded and improbable to find yourself at the top. Whether it’s dipping your toe into the world of triathlon or pulling the trigger on forming that LLC to make your start-up dreams come true the odds are seemingly stacked against you. Frankly, I tell this sobering truth to aspiring coaches, too.

“The bad news is there’s a mountain to climb here,” I’ll sometimes say. “There’s so much to learn and coaches that know a ton about training are a dime a dozen” This is objectively true.

There’s another important truth worth mentioning, however. Sure, lots of people want to be successful, but here’s the thing. You’re not competing against everyone that wants what you want. You’re only competing against the folks who are willing to try for what you want.

Surprisingly, most won’t try.


Logan Gelbrich



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5/27/20 WOD

Accumulate 60 candlestick rolls (total) to 1-foot support…

Then, AMRAP 20
Walking Lunges