4/3/15 - BEWARE! Today is a Bulky Day

I’ve got to come clean. We talk about strength and conditioning like it’s for everyone. Quite frankly, many men and women come to us wanting to train but they have concerns that lifting weights will make them bulky. I normally say, “Ah! That’s just an urban myth. Lifting heavy weights makes you lean, not bulky!” lauren fisher

Above is a video of one hundred and thirty two pound Lauren Fisher. In the video, she clean and jerks 242.5lbs flawlessly, which by the way would put her on our leaderboard for the men at DEUCE Gym.

Clearly, she’s taken on gross muscles and has lost all flexibility. So, when I say that weightlifting won’t make you bulky, I might have been bending the truth. Beware!


Logan Gelbrich



4/3/15 WOD

1 Clean and Jerk (AHAP)

*Athletes will receive two scores 1) heaviest load and 2) difference between heaviest and lightest