2/24/15 - An Improbable Scene

Every so often there are particular moments when the magic of DEUCE slaps you in the face more so than normal. There was a moment last Thursday morning where I had to take a second to understand the gravity of the situation.

You see, we had a couple friends of the gym visiting from Australia en route to the Arnold powerlifting competition held annually in Ohio. Cameron is a world record holder in drug free powerlifting. His squat session coincided with the BirthFIT postpartum series amongst other things held here at DEUCE.

Danny captured part of this special moment.

Danny captured part of this special moment.

The scene includes massive, bubbly Cameron back squatting 650lbs for a double, while eight gorgeous new moms did ring rows with their new born babies. The mothers didn’t seem to worry about Cam, and Cam surely didn’t mind the mothers. In the corner, Tait and a few Strength 202 students chipped away at their accessory work, while a prospective student walked up for her FREE ‘Intro Session.’

The is a scene that is normal here, but almost no place else. And, for nothing else than this improbable scene being possible makes us all the luckiest people in the world to come here. Thank you all!


Logan Gelbrich


2/24/15 WOD

3×8 Barbell Lateral Lunges


Then, compete the following for time:
10, 9, 8..1 Ring Dips
1, 2, 3.. 10 DB Hang Clean [50/30]