A Look at Why MOST Need to ‘Switch It up’

CrossFit isn’t the only way to build a broad capacity and get healthy. For most people, however, it’s probably the best way. The problem is people often would rather have a I-go-to-the-gym-and-always-win experience, than have an honest conversation about their capacity. Progress isn’t a fake conversation about how good you are at everything. It’s the full package. It’s your strengths and your weaknesses.

The reason for this article isn’t because I think that everyone needs to train at DEUCE Gym, or do CrossFit for that matter. The reason is that most (nearly 100%) of people I see that feel they need to “switch it up” aren’t changing up their training to get strength, flexibility, speed, power, endurance, stamina, balance, accuracy, coordination, and agility elsewhere. They most often try something else, like boxing class, yoga, pilates, a bootcamp, hiking, etc, because it feels like progress without having to be brutally honest about their weaknesses.

The problem is that the people that leave because they hate feeling inflexible rarely go somewhere to get flexible. They find a way to sweat that leaves these glaring issues swept under the rug. The folks that aren’t strong “switch it up” to a practice that won’t challenge or develop their strength. If you have a “hip thing” or a “shoulder thing,” quit with the attitude that you aren’t meant to move and be capable and that you are somehow exempt. That’s insanity. All it means is that you, like everyone else, has a weakness to address.

There aren’t weird exceptions to the rule where working hard doesn’t apply to you. An allergy to running or weight training doesn’t run in your family. In fact, it’s very possible to not like something and still have a responsibility to do it.

When you feel like you need to “switch it up,” ask yourself if you’re letting yourself off the hook. Until I see people quitting gyms to capture real health and fitness elsewhere, I won’t digress. You don’t need to “switch it up,” you need to handle your business.


Logan Gelbrich



8/31/15 WOD

Complete the following for time:
25 Back Squats (135/95)
200m Run
15 Front Squats
400m Run
5 Overhead Squats
800m Run