Oh, The Places We’ll Go

Oh, the places we’ll go. That’s right, our tiny gym overlooking the ocean in Santa Monica has quite a reach. It makes us tingle inside just thinking about the fact that our flag, the FFOTB shirt, is floating all around the world as we speak. Whether it’s in action at a local mountain landscape…  

The Lost Ones

My heart goes out to the inconsistent ones. I cringe, more so than they do, at the folks that show up for two weeks and disappear into the ether. Most people that don’t hang on or aren’t consistent don’t realize what the consequences are of there participation, or lack thereof, has. At the root of

Priority #1: Culture

In my recent rounds in the world of fitness, I’ve seen a bit of an alarming trend in programs like ours. As the functional training movement continues to explode around the world, various interpretations of how to execute it are abound. Like many things, I don’t think there isn’t really a right or wrong way

FFOTB Prepared Meal Service

That’s right, folks! Our organic meal service is finally in gear. Rockstar member of ‘The Nation’ and key chef at the infamous Whole Food Venice Smoke House, Reyna, has rolled out her food service right her at FFOTB. Reyna’s Organic Fresh Garden meals are cooked in a local commercial kitchen and the menu is comprised

The eGym

We were graced with quite a flattering compliment the other day from a distant member of the ‘Nation.’ If she came to class, she might go unrecognized by most students, yet her religious following of the website and Facebook Fan Page is unmatched over the last 8 months or so. Here’s what the comment said: