The Properties of Water

The container shapes the water in it. When Bruce Lee said, “Be like water” some of what he was referencing was the relationship water has with what it can’t control. Water plays well with its environment in that it takes shape and moves in accordance to external factors rather than being in conflict with them. 

Of course, the over-quoted line from Lee has reached cliché status. It’s important, however, to zoom into cliches before rolling your eyes and moving past them. Ironically, clichés  are some of the most overlooked maxims in our lexicon. 

One of the most prolific people in modern history, especially in movement and martial arts areas, made the declaration to “be like water” as a call to action to manage what comes our way. The coronavirus is a specific name to give a phenomenon that will follow you for all your days. Adverse external forces will come your way in different forms and if you can take on the viscosity of water and adjust seamlessly, automatically, unemotionally with them will serve you much greater than resistance will. Today it’s a virus pandemic. Next time it will be a health scare or a financial bout with adversity. Taking on the properties of water is still the most agile course of action.

When quarantine has you frustrated, worried, and combative, ask yourself what advice Bruce Lee might give you. 


Logan Gelbrich  


4/8/20 WOD

Handstand Series: 

For 10 minutes,

Wall Climb + Wall Facing Handstand Hold 

(Hold :45, Rest :90)


Then, AMRAP 20

Walking Lunges