10/7/15 - Fall Strength Challenge – Chapter 5

Hopefully you are still in this challenge working on your weaknesses. If you have been out of the game, don’t be discouraged. There is still time to get some work in. Excuse my rudimentary drawing skills, but I want to talk about the whiteboard art below. Blog

On the X axis is time, and on the Y axis is load lifted. The line across the top of the graph is your max potential at any given time. If all things came together perfectly you would hit this line. The curve is your progress throughout time. When we begin lifting our max efforts are relatively low in comparison with our max potential. It may feel like a max effort, but your body is capable of so much more. With more practice the movements start to feel better and your ability to move weight goes up. The longer you work with the barbell, the slower your progress will become. Large PR’s will soon be fond memories whittling down to the incremental climb toward glory. But, longer into that journey you will start to get closer to your max potential.

There is a red X on the curve upward where the increase starts to slow, and time between new PR’s increases. This is where the mental game of lifting, and the soundness of technique start to come into play. Both of these things are large players in an athlete’s success in their lifts. Gains in the beginning are easy to come by. Gains as you progress become a little more challenging. Fortunately for us, strength gains are attainable. They just take unwavering effort. With constant attention, they will come.

This challenge is eight weeks of your life. Strength is a lifelong journey. If you gain five pounds on a lift in eight weeks, and you continue at this pace for three years, you have almost added 100 pounds to your lift. That is tremendous. Imagine a person with a 200lb back squat, squatting 300lbs. What a game changer! Just 5 lbs every eight weeks is definitely possible. Keep working hard, and do the stuff that is the most challenging for you. If we make our weaknesses our strengths, well then…
Stay after it, and don’t forget: Challenge Finals are on October 31st. This fine day just happens to be Halloween, so you best be looking for a sweet costume!

Danny Lesslie


10/7/15 WOD


1: 100′ Sandbag Carry (AHAP)

2: 12 DB Thrusters (40/25)

3: 4 Strict Pullups