Small Details are Sexy

Here’s the thing. The difference between moving great and just moving OK isn’t that much, especially to the naked eye. A mediocre execution of the hang power clean gets the job done, would likely never do any harm to you, and wouldn’t get in the way of you getting plenty fit. The same is true for any movement, including basic things like the push up or pull up. 

In gymnastics, the category of judgement I’m referring to is virtuosity. It’s essentially doing the common, uncommonly well. 

The irony is that demonstrating the extra effort to move remarkably well in the face of all the understandable reasons not to is the exact reason why it’s a worthy pursuit. It’s rare. It’s attractive. And, it should be celebrated, rewarded, and pursued. 

Friends don’t let friends do mediocre reps. 



Daily at Home GPP Coaching Video

6/21/20 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for quality of: 

6 Plyo Push Ups

8 Tempo Push Ups (4040)

10 Push Ups

-Rest :60- 


Then, complete 4 rounds for quality of: 

12 Tuck Jumps

24 Squats

:60 Isometric Squat hold

-Rest :60- 


Then, complete 4 rounds of:

:30 Seated Towel Biceps Isometric hold

20 Single-Arm Towel Hammer Curl (ea)

-Rest :60-


Then, complete 3 rounds for time of:

25 Behind-the-Neck Towel Presses

20 Hand Release Push Ups