More Order & Cleanliness? Tabula Rasa

Does your bedroom look like a tornado stopped by? Is your desk a semi-functional bumbling mess? The garage? Apartment? If you want to shift to organization and cleanliness in your environment, trying to get there little by little might not be the strategy you need. I’d like to propose that a Tabla rasa (or clean slate) approach isn’t just a desirable end goal, it is a sustainability tactic for having an organized living or work environment. Let me explain. 

States like to perpetuate themselves. A mess promotes more messiness. Cleanliness perpetuates more cleanliness. This is why trying to transform a space in phases and parts might be chronically unsuccessful. The science behind the controversial “broken windows theory”, which is a criminological theory that aimed to change crime rates by cleaning up graffiti, trash, and general cleanliness on the subways of America’s largest city argues that disorder gives license to more disorder. While the source of petty crime might be more slightly more complex than the presence of graffiti, keeping your bedroom clean might be more simple. 

Consider that a clean sweep of your area or get help cleaning your room that will likely perpetuate more cleanliness because misplaced items will look and feel disproportionately out of place whereas a shirt discarded on the floor of a messy bedroom almost seems appropriately placed. 

To regain order, I recommend a scorched Earth approach. Good luck!


Logan Gelbrich



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5/21/20 WOD

“McGill Big Three”

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

1) The Curl Up 5/3/1 Reps + :10 Iso Hold

2) Accumulate :60 Side Plank (ea)

3) 10 Bird Dogs (ea)


Then, complete for following for time:



Overhead Squat with Towel


Then, complete 4 rounds of:

:20 Hollow Body Hold

-Rest :10-

:20 Hollow Body Flutter Kick

-Rest :10-