Education to inspire, not shame

Though I appreciate the positive intent, I’m not a fan of the terms knowledge bombsleveling up, or getting your shit together as valid persuasions for learning.

Hear me out. In pursuing and subscribing to new education – no matter when, where, or from whom – you’re signing up to learn information (and/or perspectives) that you don’t already know. And beyond the value in that growth-minded willingness, there’s also value in the vulnerability to engage with what might shatter current perceptions.   

Anyone out there prefer being the least knowledgeable student in the room? 

Yeah, me neither. Yet, by romanticizing “knowledge bombs”, you’re supporting a notion that it’s okay to grenade another with insight. As if anyone could suggest another human being as less than prior to a certain level of understanding? Um, I’m not buying that. Are you?

Intentional or unintentional, this type of pedagogy is spoiled with shame. We can do better, and you have the opportunity (and I hope you take it) to place as high of a premium on education as you do on functional movement. 

Just as a good coach would meet athletes where they’re at in order to best scale or modify a movement, a good teacher meets students in the same graceful way. This is education to inspire, not to shame.

It’s easy to cocoon yourself into a world that only supports your own beliefs. But gosh does that shut out the larger (and more reality-based) percentage of life beyond yourself. And from an ethical standpoint, shouldn’t education collaborate more than it competes?

Food for thought: “Ethics are how we behave when we decide we belong together,” (Margaret J. Wheatley). If part of being “woke” is flaunting knowledge that others don’t have, I’d like to nudge you, gently, to wake up.. 


Kimmy Moss



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5/18/20 WOD

Dynamic Progression


Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

10 Single Leg Bound To 90º Turn (total) 

7 Single Leg Lateral Plyo Pop-Off (each)

4 Kneeling Jump + Vertical Jump


Sprint Progression:

Complete 8 efforts for distance of:

:08 Hill Sprint

-Rest :60-