DEUCE Presents: Mobility Webinar

Our Tuesday Event Series continues this coming Tuesday May 19th at 10am with Coach Nick Blauer. During this hour we will focus on the importance of developing body awareness and true stability. You’ll learn how to optimize your joint health and not only maintain range of motion but increase it, as well. 

We welcome the public to this educational event and there are no fitness requirements or any level of expertise required to take maximum benefit from the session. 

Join us on Zoom at this link. See you there!

Logan Gelbrich



Daily Coaching Video 

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5/15/20 WOD

Progressive Volume Work:

Complete 4 rounds for quality:

12 Copenhagen Plank (each)

15 Leg Pull Up (each)

15 Pike Push Up


Sprint Progression:

Complete 3 efforts for distance:

:15 Sprint

-Rest :60-


“Murph” Prep:

Complete the following for time:

1 Mile Run