A Letter to Leaders from the Next Level

Dear Independent Thinker, 

There’s not a more prideful moment than seeing someone come into their own. I wanted to take a moment to share some sincere congratulations for the self-authoring person you’ve become. Your thoughts and opinions feel like they’re truly yours. Your views feel custom and passionately you. Not like the earlier years, when what you thought was cool was what your peer group thought was cool and what was right and wrong was handed down from parents and teachers. Sure, some of those ideas have stuck around, but now things are more nuanced than that.

You disagree. You think freely. 

I’m sure it could be bittersweet, moving past the claustrophobic confines of previous perspectives handed to you socially. Remember when you took your gurus’ views as gospel? Silly, right? Some of the pride of being a self-authoring mind can come with the shame of no longer playing within the lines of your political affiliation, religion, geographical upbringing, or other socialized group allegiances. 

I’m writing to inform you of all the benefits of the agency and unique perspective that comes from advancing to your current level of consciousness. This mind you have is the one that makes leaders, gurus, and independent thinkers like yourself compelling. As you’re reading this, you’re probably feeling particularly free to use your mind as a guide. 

With this genuine congratulations, we figured we’d offer some advice. This isn’t the finish line. Being a free thinker definitely means you’ve transcended the socialized mind, but it comes with its own dangerous downsides. If you’re not careful you’ll start to only listen to ideas that support your thoughts. You’ll push away notions that don’t fit your worldview. And, finally, you’ll start to think your worldview is the worldview. 

The trap is you’ll start to play defense. Defense is dangerous for your development. 

If you’re willing to see that this “independent” thinking you’ve got going on is a largely biased view in a sea of perspectives much different than yours, you’ll have a chance to get to the next level. From up here, you can see that your view of the world might be your truth, but it’s full of blind spots and it’s a drop in the bucket to the truth. 

Want to level up? Break your perspective. You’re not done expanding. 


With love, 

The Next Level 


Logan Gelbrich  



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5/10/20 WOD

Complete 5 rounds for quality of: 

30 Towel Superman

36 Towel Sit Up w/ Rotation

:60 V-Sit Hold


Then, complete 5 rounds of: 

:30 RFE Split Squat Iso

15 RFE Split Squat

6 RFE Heel Pulls


Then, EMOM Until Failure

3, 6, 9, 12.. Tempo Squat (3-0-1)


Then, complete 2 rounds of: 

12 Opposite Side Deadbugs (ea)

12 Butterfly Sit Ups