“Beers Aren’t Going to Drink Themselves”

We’re in the business of fitness. As a performance oriented training experience, it’s our charter to drive adaptation in our students. People come to us with all kinds of goals to lose weight, gain muscle, learn new skills, feel empowered, and even improve their blood work.

We sell fitness. 

A bar is a different kind of business. Bars sell inebriation. Being intoxicated can be fun and social and it even makes for big business. For a low, low price you, too, can be intoxicated! 

To get drunk, however, you need to drink the drink just like how in order to get strong you need to perform work. The trouble is not many patrons balk at having to drink the beverage in order to get the subsequent intoxication. Squats, however, are less agreeable. 

In other words, we get that you want what we’re selling. Our question is, “Are you willing to work?”


Logan Gelbrich




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4/16/20 WOD

Trunk Stability Progression:


Progressive Stability Work:

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

8 Wall Pressing Tempo Straight Leg Dead Bugs (Left)

8 Wall Pressing Tempo Straight Leg Dead Bugs (Right)

4 Candlestick Negatives


Conditioning for a score:


Then, complete 5 rounds of:


3 Burpees

6 Push Ups

9 Squats

-Rest 1 Min-