What weighs more, a five pound bag of potatoes or a five pound bag of rice?

Ha, ha. Cue rim shot, please.

Dad jokes aside, this silly question is a good analogy for when people ask if it’s easier to do an ice bath when the sun is out versus not out.

Um. How do I put this? 33 degree water before sunrise (or after sunset) is the same temperature as 33 degree water at noon. Given we are tracking this using a thermometer and adjusting the amount of ice accordingly, you can see where we’re going here… 5 pounds is 5 pounds. 33° is 33°!

“No, but seriously,” you say. “When is it easier?”

Listen. I’m here to tell you that if you’re avoiding doing something but still spending time justifying for/against it as better/worse during X time of day, as opposed to actually trying it ANY time of day… joke’s on you.

Investigating the tendency to ask, “When’s the best time?” might be a better place to start. In other words, rather than asking when before action, maybe don’t ask. And, just take action.

As Brazilian educator Paulo Freire put it, every word is a praxis, (a work), containing two dimensions: action and reflection. If one is sacrificed, the other suffers. To speak without action, verbalism. To act without reflection, activism.

Marinade on this: overthinking without action, then, is a copout, not an excuse..


Kimmy Moss


11/13/19 WOD

Make 3 attempts at the following:

Max Set (-2 Reps) Ring Muscle Ups


Then, complete 3 rounds for quality:

2 Handstands-to-Forward-Roll

8 Strict Straight Leg Raises

:10 Left Side Captain Morgan (Ea)

:10 Right Side Captain Morgan (Ea)


Then, complete the following for time:

2000m Row