After Action Comfort

One of the purest freedoms I’ve ever come to know is the peace of mind inside of a best effort. Whether you realize it or not, we all have a reflective instinct. I’m talking about that after action reporting we do after an effort. It’s like we punctuate any dedicated period of time with some introspection. The questioning mind begins. How’d that feel? What could I have done better? Does this sit well with me?

The only way to be free in reflective times like these is to give your best effort. With the results aside, you’d be surprised at how good it can feel to know you couldn’t have done anything more. Whether it’s your next workout or your next commitment, I hope that you can earn this kind of freedom.

Leave no doubt.


Logan Gelbrich


5/3/19 WOD

Make 3 attempts of the following complex for load:

3 Hang Power Clean

2 Power Cleans

1 Clean



Front Squat


Then complete 3 rounds for reps:


8/10 Cals Bike

Round 1: Max Pull Ups

Round 2: Max Push Ups

Rounds 3: Max Squats

-Rest 3 Minutes-