BEWARE: The Knockout Punch

Mixed martial arts has become of greater and greater interest to me. I’m no expert, but I think through certain parts that seem mentally fruitful for me. Take, for instance, the danger of the knockout punch (or kick or elbow). Regardless of your skill level as a fighter, there’s no coming back from a knockout blow even if it’s a lucky shot.

These seem like dangerous odds. As long as a far superior fighter can be knocked out, albeit accidentally, by an inferior fighter, we must consider the following:

  1. Champions must fight. None of this is hypothetical, and
  2. Assume a humble position even if all signs point to your dominance.

The lucky knockout punch defeats even the greatest of fighters. Proceed accordingly.


Logan Gelbrich


10/5/18 WOD

Strict Press

For Time:
1k Row
100 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)