Shared Suffering Unites All

In surprising fashion, men and women who’ve never liked the gym let alone played an organized sport in their lives come to learn that they are more similar to their athlete peers than they ever imagined. That’s right, most men and women who express interest in training at DEUCE are not former athletes. As a result, most prospective students express trepidation about training alongside “such fit people” because, after all, they aren’t that.

What ensues is some training with us and some surprising conclusions. The relative training stimulus, of course, allows for freak athletes and mere novices to train in the same space moving in similar ways to an appropriate degree. It becomes clear to all parties involved that intensity is relative and the shared experience that was once thought to be a point of differentiation between the highly trained and the untrained becomes a point of unity.

Whether you’re the former D1 athlete or the person who never thought they’d share the same breath as one, let’s tip our caps to the power of shared suffering, eh?


Logan Gelbrich


10/2/18 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
8 Bent Over Row
8 Barbell Roll Outs
8 Seated DB Press

Then, complete the following for reps:
In 6 Minutes..
800m Run
Max Power Cleans (205/155)

-Rest 3 Minutes-

In 6 Minutes..
800m Run
MAX Deadlifts (205/155)