A Daily (Espresso) Recipe

Did you know that specialty coffee baristas need to make a new recipe each day when pulling espresso shots? A “recipe” in the context of espresso comes from two main variables: the input and the output.

The input consists of the size of the grind (of the beans) and the weight (in grams) of the grinds that go into the machine. The output is the weight of the coffee extracted. In addition, there’s a variable in the amount of time the extraction is made, which is basically the amount of time water is passing through the grinds.

The reason why we’re two paragraphs into this conversation about coffee is because the adjustments need to be made everyday when the shop opens even though the barista is using the same beans on the same machinery. Believe it or not, the same recipe can’t be used each day because the beans are a day older and, to be frank, what worked yesterday might not work today.

Your body is the same way and it’d be silly to expect or demand the same recipe that worked yesterday to be the best recipe for today. If you’re feeling great, go big. If you’re a little banged up, make adjustments and work with what you’ve got. In either case, you ought to treat each day as the unique experience that it is.

Logan Gelbrich


7/26/18 WOD

Make 3 attempts at the following:
:20 Max Cal Assault Bike
-Rest as needed-

Then, complete the following for time:
Front Squats (225/165)
Box Jumps (30/24)
Dbl KB Clean and Presses (70/53)
Run 800m