When You’re Extremely Easy to Kill

Last week we addressed the general population’s inability to understand the basic skill of locomotion we call running. In my rant, which included important shifts in perception about the seemingly docile practice of going out for a jog, I made aggressive statements about the quality (or lack thereof) of movement across the board in running.

Today we’re going to keep the ball rolling. It wouldn’t be a shock if I told you that we, as a country, are extremely out of shape, but what needs to be said is that, in spite of being courageous enough to be fitness oriented, most are remarkably unfit. We’re keeping this roast of our state of fitness going because this needs to be said.

Let me first say that we welcome (dare I say, we prefer) novice students at DEUCE Gym. That being said many new students come to us and disclose in the ‘Intro Session’ conversation that they have generally regular fitness practices and most claim to be in good standing in the health and fitness department and that training with us would provide a little boost to their already satisfactory state.

Given what we see in the movement portion of the ‘Intro Session’, I’m left with only one thought: we must change our definitions of what is satisfactory fitness. Forget the pseudo-fitness markers, like whether you can finish the Thanksgiving 10K or not, most people we see wouldn’t survive being chased down the block without needing thirty minutes to recover.

While our general lack of fitness likely won’t get us killed in our extremely safe existence, it doesn’t make it acceptable. No matter what your fitness level is, you’ll always be welcomed with open arms here. However, let’s shift our mindset around acceptable human capacity. We all need to be a bit harder to kill, in my opinion.

Logan Gelbrich


5/31/18 WOD

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