Not a Thing: “Taking a Class”

In true “overhead in LA” fashion, I heard a woman telling her friend about how she jumped into a boxing class the other day. The context and demeanor of the conversation was alarming because I could tell that, by the way she said it, she felt that the boxing class was acting like a bucket of water being thrown on a small fire. The boxing class eased the nature of her unhealthy state.

That’s not how this works.

In fact, that’s not how any of this works (green juice included). Almost nothing in health and fitness works like drugs do. Applying the model of having an ailment and dosing it with an appropriate remedy is misguided and ineffective. This is how guilty men and women explain the occasional salads that they sprinkle on top of a generally unaware, unhealthy lifestyle of nutrition. A fitness practice isn’t arithmetic. One boxing class doesn’t equal a week and a half of so-so eating. Everything is everything.

Health works in context. It builds upon itself. This idea of “taking a class” isn’t a thing. Enrolling in an indefinite practice, however, has a chance to make an impact.

Save your $25 bucks. Taking a class isn’t a thing.


Logan Gelbrich


2/27/18 WOD

Pressing Snatch Balance

Hang Power Snatch

Then, complete for time:
100 Overhead Squats (95/65)