Starting in March we have a little bit of passing of the torch. Coach Juan is taking over the strength program with a couple of changes. For anyone interested, there are two options. One is for athletes that are novices and the other is for athletes that are competent with their strength training.


What is DEUCE Strength?

Deuce Strength is a program that explores and educates on different expressions and methods that produce strength. In both 101  and 202, athletes will be exposed to linear and conjugate methods. These methods are used at the highest levels of powerlifting and weightlifting. Throughout the course of the year, there will be opportunities to compete against your self and others at meet days. We want to break the idea of only using certain lifts to express strength. Strength comes in speeds, power outputs, max efforts, different movements, and plyometrics.

Strength 101 – (8 Week Course) Monday / Wednesday 6am
This course is designed to introduce novices to the language and movements that are used in Strength 202. Athletes will be put through different workouts and learn through application. Strength 101 does not build on itself but rather each session is aimed to teach a principle. This will help athletes understand the context and gain an idea of how workouts are put together to drive adaptation. At the end of the course, athletes should be able to recognize and apply movement standards to training.
-1 Payment: $350
-2 Payments: $190 ($380)

-1 Payment: $400
-2 Payments: $225 ($450)

Strength 202 – Programming 5x a week via TrainHeroic
This course is the next evolution for anyone who is well versed in the basic language of programming and understands movement mechanics for major lifts. Programming is designed around different expressions of strength. This is not meant to prepare for traditional powerlifting meets. Strength 202 is set to go for 8-12 week cycles of different emphases. There will be quarterly meets to both test progress and keep training relevant. Depending on the emphasis there will be 4-5 training days. Training days are composed of major lifts paired with accessory movements. This program is available to all athletes around the world through www.Strength202.com.
-$99 GPP Member
-$205 non GPP member

If you have any questions email juan@deucegym.com
Logan Gelbrich

2/19/18 WOD

CrossFit Games Open Workout 15.5

Complete the following for time:


Row (Calories)

Thrusters (95/65)