Avoidance 2.0

There’s a certain avoidance that happens with fitness. It’s funny. Those that don’t do most literally it avoid it. They explain away their training, either by saying they don’t need it for one reason or another or by justifying why they can’t for one reason or another. At the heart of this avoidance is the truth. The truth is that training would be good for them.

Once you’re inside of a fitness practice, it’d seem as though the avoidance is done. You haven’t avoided working out, therefore you’re home free, right?

Not exactly.

Yesterday’s track day featuring four eight hundred meter efforts with three minutes rest is a prime example. While there are hundreds of you that read this blog each day and check the workout, a small minority of you showed up yesterday to do the work. This is avoidance. While you might think, “Hey! That workout isn’t any fun” or that it’s boring or that you hate running or that it’s not your style, one thing is true. You’re avoiding it.

Remember why you opted into this training in the first place. Don’t forget that you opted in for a desired result. If you signed up for a good time, you probably would have signed up for a Garth Brooks concert or a wine tasting or maybe an escape room instead. Rather, you signed up to get better.

Avoiding days that you have an opinion about is like hiring a contractor to install a hole in your game. While it’s understandable, this kind of avoidance is self-sabatoge. If you want to avoid something, take it as a hint that it’s likely the best thing you can do for yourself.


Logan Gelbrich


9/14/17 WOD

Make 2 attempts at the following:

Max L-Sit Hold


Then, complete the following for time:


30 Double Unders

15 Cal Row

30 Double Unders

15 Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups

30 Double Unders

15 DB Thrusters (50/30)

30 Double Unders