Obedience to Social Norms is Optional

I recently texted a friend about business. To make matters worse, I did so on a Sunday. With strike one and strike two against me, I was relieved of my guilt when he said, “There are no Sundays in my life. Only days.”

I guess that we’re more similar than I once thought. Surely, your career and values will shape your frame with regards to the days of the week and not all of us are individuals who make their own schedules, but we ought to at least know that there is another way.

Furthermore, you’re only confirming the assumption that you’re playing a victim if you’re immediately hearing this and point your finger in my direction saying, “Easy for you to say!” Take ownership in everything you possibly can, you’ll start to realize that the door to your prison cell has been unlocked the whole time (which you should know because you built it yourself).

It might be time for a check in if you catch yourself often exclaiming, “TGIF!” Who’s running the show, after all? Are you a victim of these kinds of social norms? Is your reality concretely decided that Mondays are bad and Fridays are good?

There’s another way, you know?


Logan Gelbrich


7/17/17 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for time of:

400m Run

3 Deadlifts (405/275)