Pro Shop: Custom Lever Belt

I have a jacket that I call a “lifer”. It was expensive, but it’s damn good. I also have a hat and a pair of boots that are lifers. Soon, I’ll have a weightlifting belt that is a lifer, and you can, too. A prized student of ours had his very own DEUCE Gym custom lever belt made, and we’re putting in a preorder to make a one time run of these.

The belt is real leather, it’s hand sown, and is embossed with the DEUCE skull logo. (SEE: lifer)

If you’re interested in this one time deal, all you need to do is sign up at the gym with your name, waist size (in inches around the naval), and method of payment by July 15th. Don’t live here? No problem. Just email with your request.


Logan Gelbrich


6/22/17 WOD


Halting Cleans

**increasing load across all sets


Then, EMOM 15

Minute 1: :40 Max Box Toe Taps

Minute 2: :40 Max Hollow Rocks

Minute 3: :40 Max DB Cossack Squats