“Some things will come to an end as a logical progression to your greatness..” -Derek Woodske

Hearing these words makes you stop. Well, it made me stop. They make you think. I am so thankful I wrote them down.


What does that mean to you?

The shadow of the word is a overflowing wealth of possibility, rich in hope, and heavy laden with dreams and opportunity. Yet, as with any object that casts a shadow, it is a great challenge to remove your focus from the shining object to see the cool calm of the shadow. You see, the bright light appears to be the only thing to focus on. I want to encourage you to see the calm and cool that remain just behind the focus, but don’t kid yourself. Just because things appear to be calm, there is still a tremendous amount of work and self direction in these pursuits. You must become the master of your own domain. Returning to the light may be a journey you embark on over and over again. I encourage you to become detached from the result and embrace the journey. I believe this is a noble pursuit. I believe this is a life well lived. This I believe will get you where you want to go.



Danny Lesslie


6/20/17 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

25′ Handstand Walk

25′ DB Front Rack Walking Lunges

25 Sit Ups



:10 Max Distance Row