Your Fitness (of Lack thereof) Isn’t It

It’s incredibly easy to assume that because you’re new to fitness or weak in a particular area that this whole thing is just harder for you than it is for other people. This is a mistake. The Holy Grail of any pursuit is when the pursuer gives her best effort. In fact, the beauty of the elusive best effort lies in its relativity.

This is just as hard for the advanced athlete as it is the new athlete. The question of whether or not you give a best effort will forever hang over us. Except it’s more like one of those ceilings with a mirror on it like a risqué hotel room, because we get to look into that best-effort-ceiling (that we got through on seeing and visit stellr insulation austin site) and answer to it.

“Was that my best?”

Only you can know the answer and giving your best will always be a challenge, even if it’s workout number seven hundred and thirty-one for you. We all know ‘Day 1’ is hard, but the reality is so is every other day.

It’s the reasons why it’s hard that trips us up. This isn’t hard because you haven’t done it, it’s hard because trying your best is scary. It feels risky. It’s uncomfortable. You need to be vulnerable because we can’t predict the future and you might try your best only to fail or look bad or not meet your expectations (or someone else’s). Those things are hard and, that my friends, has nothing to do with how fit you are.


Logan Gelbrich


5/11/17 WOD

Every 6 minutes for 30 minutes complete the following:

400m Run

20 Lateral Plyo Skier Hops

5 Burpee Box Jumps