Laser Focus – Masterful Simplicity

Have you ever seen someone execute something so flawlessly it looked like they have done it 10,000 times? The amount of effort to complete the task does not seem that crazy. It seems like an every day thing, just like breathing. The time spent learning and practicing, and the mental prep of this performance I would imagine is very similar to an ice berg. What you see above the water is fractional compared to the breathtaking mass that is submerged.

One of the best concepts I have ever practiced, and am constantly reminded of by our coaches, is mental reps. Get all of the mental reps you can. Do all of the work you can with all that you have at your disposal before the time that you need it. Then, when the time comes, performing is just what you do. The focus that is required during mental reps is laser focus. Put yourself in the situation in your mind. Reality is what you make it. The mind is a crazy tool and can turn any situation upside down, or right side up for that matter. I encourage you to see the holes, see the successes, see the opportunities, and the challenges. Think about the possible weak points, too, and make them better. Don’t be afraid to work them like they are muscles that need to get stronger.

Making the complex seem simple is an art. It is art. The paint brush is in your hands. This does not let you off the hook. This does not give you an out. This is actually the opposite. This is a exceptional cannonball into the life of vicious accountability. Let this be your craft. Let this be your expression of the things that you do. Make it look easy. Make your performance, whatever that may be, masterfully simple. I believe what you will find is a very good thing.


Danny Lesslie


2/15/17 WOD


Front Squat



Then, complete two rounds for meters of:


Max Distance Row

-Rest 3 min-