Nose Above Water

Think about your day. It can be any day for that matter. Think about a day that you wake up early before your alarm with energy. Despite what you might be muttering to yourself, this is a possible occurence. And, no it does not happen to me every day or even once a week but it is out there, like a glimmering unicorn off in the distance.

On this fine day, say that you have planned for everything that is on your calendar, you set your clothes out the night before, you filled the car up with gas before you got home, and you made your lunch. You get the picture. You are dominating all of the things in your direct control. How would you say this day goes? If this was my day, I would be thrilled. Being on time and ready for the events in my day is huge for me. I have previously said this in my blogs, and will say it again. If I haven’t planned for what is coming, I am living a personal nightmare. I almost throw up at the thought of being late. I used to try to fly by the seat of my pants, and was reasonably successful most of the time. Now, I guess I grew past that phase.

Imagine the opposite day. Imagine waking up late, missing appointments, no preparation, missed lunch, dog pooped on the rug, kid threw up on your pants, etc. All of these things spin this day further and further out of control until it feels like you are drowning in your own inadequacy. On the other hand, these events, in a well planned and prepared for day, seem like low hurdles easily surmounted.

Imagine a few rough days like this strung together, or even a week. Life seems to get a bit crazy. Imagine a month or two in this pit of loathing. Where is up? Can there be more down? “This has gotta be bottom.” The self talk is not in a great place at this point. The scary part to me, is how are you to others? How are you to your husband/wife? How do you treat your kids? How is your motivation at work? How are you in your workout program? What would you lean on as your pillar of motivation now?

Going about your life with your nose just barely above water is not a way to live. I understand we all go through times, trying times, where it is hard to makes ends meet, it is hard to keep the fire in relationships, maybe your job situation is a bit rough, maybe we are suffering a loss, maybe your kids are making you earn it.

Since becoming a parent, there have been some nose above water moments. There have been some nose above water periods of time. Much to my chagrin there are plenty of moments that have been and will be out of my control. This beautiful little person is going to have opinions and experiences, and I am going to be a part of these but not from the drivers standpoint. The one thing that rings true for me in this time, as much as ever, is to control the things that I can and plan for the things that I can and be consistent with the things that I can. If I can do that, I am much more able to deal with the uncertainty to come.

This nose above water thing that has been all to familiar is much different when you are ready for your day. If you miss some or all of the sleep, and you get peed on, and you are ready for your 8AM meeting, some preparation will help. When that meeting rolls around you are ready, and your head is not a hurricane. It is clear. Tired? We can all deal with tired. Not prepared? Good luck, Chuck!

When it comes time to do the thing in your day. You go out there and you do the damn thing. Put out the other fires in the time that you have due to your planning ahead. It feels pretty damn good to walk in to your day already prepared for all the things you have that day, so all the work you are doing doesn’t have that cloud of urgency hanging over it.

I am not writing this from the top of the mountain. I am writing this because I seem to keep needing to learn this in my life. I am fighting the same battle, and to be honest some days are better than others. Cheers to doing the damn thing, whatever that thing might be for you!


Danny Lesslie


3/17/16 WOD

Make 3 attempts:

:60 Max Calorie Row

-Rest as needed-



Complete 4 rounds for time of:

3 Hang Cleans (185/115)

50′ Reverse Sled Drag (300/200)

12 Ring Push Ups