Fall Strength Challenge – Chapter 2

Hey guys, Week 2 of the challenge is upon us. I hope you have been doing some assistance work for your squat. Here are some ways to help your bench. For simplicity sake, we can divide this into tricep exercises, back exercises, and shoulder exercises. Some of the exercises will work more than one muscle group, but generally you would think of them as promoting growth and strength in these areas.

Triceps Accessory Work

DB JM Press – Begin with arms extended, palms facing in. Bend at elbow keeping arms along your side, once elbow reaches floor roll back until upper arm is vertical, then extend elbow. The ground and the vertical upper arm are checkin points, not meant to be a stopping place. Don’t use momentum. See Video Here: DB JM Press

DB Tate Press – DB start together. Hands are thumbs in. Movement starts by rolling knuckles together, lowering DB to sternum. Elbows high and outside. Once DB get to chest, press together and away, keeping them together, back to starting position. See Video Here: DB Tate Press

Close Grip Pin Press – position pins or in this case arms(of the rig) so that the bar is 1 inch off chest. Close grip on the barbell, drive bar to extension, lower back to the rig/pins. Each rep let the rig take the weight, and you take it back. This is great for building power out of the bottom. See Video Here: Close Grip Pin Press

Weighted Dips – Using band tension or a belt with hanging KB, perform dips. We are looking for shoulder to get below elbow, and hip to travel with shoulder, not leaving hip high. (Also has a lot of carryover to the shoulder.) See Video Here: Weighted Dip

Back Accessory Work

Chest Supported DB Row – Face down on incline bench, rake elbows back along rib cage. Maintain good spinal position. Easy to collapse upper spine. See Video Here: Chest Supported DB Row

Band Pull Aparts – take thumbs in grip on band, keep elbows and hands and shoulders at the same level throughout. Keep tension in the band and keep elbow angle the same. Pull hands apart bringing band into chest, returning back to a place of tension with the band. Repeat. See Video Here: Band Pull Apart

Banded Lat Pulldowns – Drape band over pull-up bar. Take a stance on your knees just under the bar. Pull elbows down to your sides. See Video Here: Banded Lat Pull Down

Incline Reverse Flys – Lay facedown on incline bench with DB’s hanging, arms extended. Raise backs of hands to sky with mostly straight arms. Raise, don’t swing. See Video Here: Incline Reverse Flys

Shoulder Accessory Work

Band Windmills – Place a light band under each foot, hold in each hand. Position upper arm at 90 degrees(parallel to floor) (look like a scarecrow). Rotate fists to the back, then knuckles down towards the floor, repeat, while keeping upper arm parallel to the floor. See Video Here: Banded Windmill

Stay after it. Feel free to toss these things in after class any day. Your gains are in your hands!
Danny Lesslie


9/16/15 WOD


20 Double KB Front Rack Lunges (53/35)

2 Sandbag Cleans (AHAP)