The Conversation: The World

Life with an infant is full of new things. Everything for her is a first, and pretty much everything for us as parents is a first, as well. We’ve got eleven weeks of experience under the belt, and the crash course continues. Just recently she has begun to definitely focus on you when you are in front of her. It’s marvelous watching her look back at you, with all the wonder in the world. Those eyes are so fresh and so bright, and so ready to learn. She’s just absorbing everything in this new world, including us.

It feels like the most vibrant and new conversation ever. To just imagine all that is going on in her little brain. I’m talking about all the development, all the growth, all the emotions. She is feeling all of them for the first time. Developmentally she is somewhere between seeing light and dark, to seeing shapes, and colors, to focusing and seeing further each day. Somewhere in this crazy world is our smiling faces, and when she locks in on you, there is no mistaking that smile, and the joy in her face.

This conversation between you and this new being is pristine, nothing else exists. It’s like being locked in a time warp that you never wanna leave. Soon enough it became evident that this exchange to her is the whole world, it’s the whole universe. One solitary moment, a minute, two minutes are it. This is where its at, right there. You can choose to experience it or not. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity on the daily.

I wish that we could all take this razor focus into our whole day. Could you imagine if talking to each person in your day was like this? With phones, emails, Facebook, Instagram, traffic, TV, dinner plans, classes, work schedules, games, workouts, it seems a simple conversation is falling by the wayside. I actually have people in my life that our relationship is only a text thread. We haven’t heard each others voices in more than a month, let alone seeing them.

Maybe our conversations, our communications, our relationships with people are our world. If we don’t pay attention, then these people become distanced. These experiences dim over time. What happens in a year? What happens in a decade?


Your next conversation could be the world.


Danny Lesslie


6/24/15 WOD

Complete the following for time:
30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)