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It can often feel like we’re shouting out into the world and don’t get to hear back from the people that may be listening. We want to hear from you,

The Conversation: The World

Life with an infant is full of new things. Everything for her is a first, and pretty much everything for us as parents is a first, as well. We’ve got

Rest in Peace, Good Sir

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We humans lost one of the greatest men to walk the earth this past week. Nelson Mandela was one of a kind. His name is recognizable worldwide for many things.

Cuing = Love

There’s an old adage in the sports world that goes something like, “You know you’re in trouble when they stop yelling at you.” The  phrase is true and turns the

Touching the World

You want to know what’s absolutely crazy? Yesterday’s blog was read by nearly 400 unique individuals from 11 countries. Class attendance in the same day was less than 2% of