On House of Cards Motor Patterns

Poor motor patterns often go unpunished so long that we can get lulled to sleep. “Does it even matter?” Ask the over 80% of runners that are injured at some point each year if running pain free matters. Ask the athlete at the end of her career who is wondering why her body is falling apart if moving sustainably matters. “I never hurt like this. What happened!?”

The problem with a feedback loop, or lack there of, like this where an athlete can go weeks, months, years, or even decades before he/she experiences consequences for lackluster movement it’s often too late until changes are made. Consider that poor motor patterns are not too dissimilar to drinking and driving in that way.

You can go your whole life having a few drinks on Friday and Saturday nights and drive home without any error or brush with the law. Contrarily, some folks will get a DUI the first time they try, or worse. In the same way, teenagers (at an alarming rate) are blowing out their knees early in their athletic prowess. Others will be active (with poor movement patterns) into their forties before they have to pay the piper.

Don’t let a lack of injuries justify your movement, athletes. An objective look at your habits is necessary to get you moving in a way that isn’t gambling with your livelihood.


Logan Gelbrich


10/21/14 WOD

Clean & Jerk




Complete the following for time:
10 Stone to Shoulder (145/95)
400m Run
10 Stone to Shoulder