Sleep > Hydration > Nutrition

It’s thought experiment time! Let’s pick a task. The task, in this case, is delivering a heavy box to a third floor apartment building.

Situation 1: You attempt to accomplish this task on two days without food. You’re rested, hydrated, but starving.

Situation 2: You attempt to accomplish this task on two days without water. You’re completely satiated, rested, but dehydrated.

Situation 3: You attempt this task on two days without sleep. You’re hydrated, well fed, but completely delirious.

Though this experiment is not scientific, it goes on to say sleep may be more critical than we ever give it credit. Situations 1 and 2 would be a chore but I believe the task would be manageable. Situation 3, though manageable, would prove to be the most difficult, in my opinion. Disorientation, lack of energy, and crippled performance as a result of two days without sleep is the fastest way to destroy performance.

Thinking in this way, does this charge your perspective on priorities? Yes, nutrition is critical. However, you’ll die of dehydration long before you starve. Furthermore, you’ll be rendered useless with a lack of sleep long before you succumb to dehydration or hunger. What is this telling you?

Go to sleep!


Logan Gelbrich




4/8/14 WOD

Complete the following for quality:
Reverse Push-ups
Alternating Pistols

In 6 minutes, complete the following for reps:
800m Run
Max Deadlifts (305/215)