Helming Athletics Seminar: Last Chance!

We are four days away from our first seminar at DEUCE Gym. This Saturday Nate Helming is going to address the event’s participants with a unique perspective on endurance training and performing. Whether you’re a coach or an athlete, Nate’s perspective on the run, swim, bike community will surely be an excellent addition to your tool belt.

What if running was a skill? What if performing well in mile 20 of a marathon was a matter of strength and conditioning, rather than how many miles you logged in training? What if you could go longer, faster, safer, with less effort?

Photo by Vance Jacobs.

The four hour seminar will be interactive. Participants should be prepared not only to learn, but to move and practice. There are spaces still available, so if you or someone you know is interested be sure to register here.

See you Saturday!


Logan Gelbrich


9/4/13 WOD

Complete the following for time:

100 KB Snatch (53/35)
**Everyone minute on the minute perform 5 burpees