Stephen Day: Expressing Mastery

I’m writing this having just spent a magnificent evening with a group of FFOTB students and coaches. We spent the evening watching Stephen Day perform with the Venice Symphony Orchestra, and celebrated the success of the show afterwards. His performance, though we expected it to be wonderful, was indescribable.

Many of you don’t know this, but Stephen is an acclaimed musician who’s traveled the globe developing and performing his craft. Tonight he played four instruments and even sang a powerful solo rendition of Amazing Grace. As a leader of the orchestra, he was a man amongst children tonight with his savv shining through. Literally, it brought smiles and tears to our faces to see him in his element.

A countless number of men and women from the audience took time to come up to Stephen and thank him for his performances, and I loved seeing him recognized for his skills. You see, in my world the conversation is fitness. The specific things I do, teach, and say are strength and conditioning things. For our students, however, I’d never wish for your world to be mine specifically. However, there’s something very similar to Stephen’s world and mine or Danny’s that’d I wish for you all to have. Stephen, like Danny and I, has a craft and he’s chosen to engage in the journey to find mastery in it. The conversation, in his case music, is different but the themes are the same.

Stephen has something, which as a coach, that I could only wish for you all to find. It’s him in the truest sense, owning the moment with complete dedication and attention. And, it was beautiful.

You need not live for the finest details of strength and conditioning, but to live and not live for the finest details of anything is a fatal mistake. Seek mastery and express it. It’s your duty to the world. Well done, Stephen. Well done.


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

Run 400m
10-10-10-10 Double KB Swings (53/35)
12-9-6-3 Inch Worm Push Up
Run 400m