Fair Weather Fitness

The popularity of fitness groups on Palisades Park in Santa Monica is well documented. For us, it is our unique home, but one would be blind to not recognize the other groups and trainers nearby. If you’ve been a part of our school for any amount of time, I won’t have to tell you that we are a bit different than the others.

Though I could ague that our program itself, the quality of coaching, the caliber of movements, and the logic behind the methods outperform any other entity on the bluffs, I won’t. It was another distinguishing factor that once again separated us from the norm this past Saturday.

Each Saturday when the sun is shining the park is a bustling with activity. In addition to the fitness groups, there are exponentially more walkers, casual runners, and dogs at play. The number of fitness groups swell, as well. Imagine, multiple classes of unique fitness modalities, a man leading a dance class with music to support, hearing the slap of the pads as another group trains boxing nearby. It’s a beautiful sight and the smiles on everyone’s faces tell the tale.

Last Saturday was a different story. Last Saturday was underwhelmingly overcast and, like any other day when the weather isn’t in true California Dreamin’ fashion, the atmosphere was different. We were all alone. Our faithful students came and trained without the company and fanfare of a normal sunny Saturday.

To me this extends beyond the weather. This phenomenon exposes a broken model of front runner-type fitness, and I’m glad ‘The Nation’ is immune to it. The idea that weather would dictate your commitment to health and fitness exposes a logical problem.

At our fitness school, we’re teaching folks a worldview that isn’t susceptible to the weather, what the scale says, nor aesthetic motivation that one can’t ever seem to put his/her finger on. We’re building fitness rain or shine.


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

2 rounds:
20 Turkish Get Ups (2/1.5)
30 Jump Squats
400m Run